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“To be the guiding light for every restaurant owner with marketing and digital needs”


Helping our Mom and Pops small business to medium and large sized business to develop a better presence online and to be more profitable

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A Little Story About Our Company

Originator Angel Alfaro moved to the United States from El Salvador because of the Civil war in the 1980s. After showing up in his now local Los Angeles, his energy for culinary expressions would be brought into the world while working at the incredibly popular “The Ivy” in Beverly Hills. This developmental experience would impart a commitment to excellent fixings and perfect assistance, which he learned would demonstrate the foundation of consumer loyalty. Angel is an alum of the Art Institute of Los Angeles with a degree in Culinary Arts. Notwithstanding his tutoring, Angel Alfaro has worked worldwide for more than forty years in different fields such as a café proprietor, advisor, gourmet specialist, business consulting, menu preparations, and restaurant advisory.

AA DIGITAL SOLUTIONS utilizes the 40-plus years of multiple industry experiences of its founder Angel and his experience working with large companies like SYSCO, US Food Service, and many more.”

Angel believes, “Something that offers me state of mind is the faith and reliance in offering the world a service that becomes a stepping stone for the other. This world is a global village where I would love to offer services that assist people in growing and sharing the same illumination with others.”

AA DIGITAL SOLUTIONS is the name that has a strong foundation of 40+ years of experience of Angel, who believes in sharing it with the world. The core potential of management capabilities supports Angel holds while working with the big fishes in the food industry. With the pure experience and skill set, he has furnished along with his career,

AA DIGITALS SOLUTIONS will offer you the best outcomes. Business consulting: Customized advice to your businesses to help you increase sales, reduce your food and labor costs, growth in profits, and increase traffic.

Get the finest business consulting and pieces of advice, amazing food photography, awe-struck web and social media designs with smart menu designs at AA Digital Solutions.

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